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Video projection

Video projection is by right one of the prevalent technologies for the show. We have exceeding experience in this field and use only highly professional projection equipment.



Laser video projector

Holographic projection

We use 2 types of holographic projection in our work:

1. Free Format™ - technology which allows to playback three-dimensional "holographic" video practically of any size. The technology combines light transparent polymeric screen invisible in darkness and video projection.

Made in Denmark.

2. Holographic projection based on reflection in the film. Example:


Cheoptics360™ Desktop

Cheoptics360™ Desktop is a holographic display allowing to combine real and virtual objects within the display.

View from 4 directions. Embedded player. 220V.

Case dimensions: depth 50sm, width 50sm, height 40sm.


Transparent Screen

MultiTaction Cell 55"

The unique technology of the MultiTouch and MultiTaction display systems.


Generative design

Video Mapping

Video mapping and video projection shows are by right one of major studio professional fields. For recent several years we worked on dozens of events with projection technologies involved. Among them there are projections on buildings, on specially designed decorations and interior video projections.

Motion design

We specialize in creating 2D and 3D motion graphics of any complexity and the most various applications starting from TV graphics and video content for various show to decorative motion graphics for party design and presentations of companies and their products.

Augmented Reality

Digital interiors

One of our fields is creation of unique interior space. Digital interiors is combination of high technologies and materials with architecture and engineering.

If you really want the interior of the future then call us!

Interactive Installations

Interactive installations are the set of technical and software solutions for delivering information, involving viewers in the process of entertaining. In our work we use wide range of interactive technologies. It is the variety of instruments which let us choose optimal solutions for any particular client task. In our work we are looking for non-standard solutions or using approved technologies in a new way.


Projects in the area of the presentation events.


Projects, existing exclusively in virtual space.


Projects in the area of exhibition events


Projects in the area of show events